We are a local IT/Network Consulting and Automation Development Company working on primarily integration of smart automation systems with day to day online services used by professionals. We have a total of 5 developers with various types of backgrounds. We are 15 months old of a startup, mostly self funded as well as having contracts follow several of us from our previous full time employment doing automation control system programming and firewall design/deployment. Each of us have our specialties in programming as well as knowledge of all things IT. We have in house Microsoft and VMware certified staff to help.

Some of our most recent clients include groups that are requesting help integrating GIS servers with backend database and file servers. Most of the backend equipment is Windows Server 2016 Standard with several Hyper-V VM’s running various other systems. There are several subcontracts that we have been awarded dealing with local groups in development of automation control integration platforms (Bacnet IP) with their current Server 2012R2 frontend servers.

With this we are also developing automated monitoring systems of online hosted GIS services and map servers. We are considering our options of using AZURE for virtual machines rather than the racks of Vmware Vsphere 6.5U1 infrastructure that we are needing to replace soon due to age of hardware and power consumption. We are outgrowing our current location both locally as well as our hosted rack space.

Our facebook that is getting up to speed is:


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