More changes

We are working on pushing a large portion of our workload for testing and development to Azure with help of several local industry partners. We will soon have job postings for qualified developers as well as fresh out of college CS and CE graduates. Send us an email with your resume if you think you may he interested –

Currently we now have 11 full time developers, 1 full time office admin and project manager, and 3 part time interns from local higher education schools working towards our project goals. By 11/01/18 we intend on adding 7 more developers and 5 more (spring through summer semester) interns through partnerships with higher education.

We are shifting most of our focus right now to smart system automation, AI, machine learning and assisting humans in the workplace or at home. GIS mapping integration will soon play into this down the road, so stand by for big news in the coming weeks.

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